Thursday, October 30, 2008

Having fun...

...learning from older cousin, Alissa.*LOVE this shot. so whimsical, so fleeting.*

...watching Griffy.
*sweet spence*
...watching the little ones adore kinsey!
...under a table tent!
...singing happy4th birthday to sophia!!!!!!!
...watching the girls love each other!
...being in this room, with all these people, with all these young kids and feeling so happy that these kids will grow up together and share SO MANY more memories together!
I could post a hundred more pictures of these kids running around together! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to watch them all interact together.
I watch them, and then try to fast forward to certain times in their lives that will hopefully take place. I mostly do this with Peyton and Sophia...i think about when they will start high school school, talk endlessly on the phone with each other, share secrets from their moms, shop for prom dresses together, prepare for graduation,...okay I'll stop now before i have them both married off to identical twins from...ew. I'm done.

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Heather Polleti said...

looks like tons of chaotic fun....miss ya!