Friday, September 12, 2008

simple pleasures

watching jeff and kids play together in their new obsession...our pool!
all the birthday texts, cards, calls from friends and family...thank you! i had a perfect bday!
peyton showing us she is a big girl at pre-school
peyton and i sporting the same polish because she, "wants nails like mommy!"
peyton insisting on making breakfast 5 of 7 days and doing a fabulous job doing it!
creative kids
this spaghetti face
there are so many other little simple things that mean so much. things i don't have pictures of, or ones that i don't want to dig out such as...
the way peyton's face literally looks as if it has been lit up by a nightlight when i pick her up from school on tuesdays and thursdays. she is sooooo happy to see becks and I. i love all the bear hugs she gives while running around to show us all of the treasures she has made ....glitter name cards, cookies with decorated faces, purple beaded bracelets.
a drive thru starbuck's is DA BOMB!!!) .
jeff letting me sleep in on most saturdays...he rocks!
watching old sex and the city reruns while blogging...sweet nostalgia wrapping me up, making me want to say more, share more..but i can't-to tired tonight:).


Steph C said...

Love your pool! Can't wait to come over for a swim! Cute picture of Jeff and the kids! Good daddy:)

Kelle said...

Oh, love these. Love that you are stopping to enjoy the simple pleasures. Seriously, in the last six months I have watched you become happier and happier and more peaceful. Send Peyton over to make us breakfast...ha! If Brett ever lets me sleep, it lasts for about 5 min. 'cuz I can hear how much fun he's having with Lainey and I always sneak out of bed to watch them. I'm sure that changes with 2 kids though when sleep is a little more precious. Ha! I like the "ha" today. Ha!