Sunday, April 6, 2008

Planting a lily for the long awaited arrival of Lily Grace!

Peyton has been asking me to plant the little lily bulb that was given to guests at my friend, Kelly's, baby shower. I kept telling her we were going to wait until 'Auntie' Kelly's baby was here. Well, little miracle baby made her debut on Friday night! Lily Grace Hutcheson is here. Healthy, happy, sweet, and lovely. Finally, Peyton can plant her lily for Lily. We had fun. Even Becks discovered he had a green thumb!
You can see georgeous photos of Lily and her beautiful mommy and daddy at
We love you baby Lily, Kelly, and David!


Kelle said...

So sweet! Glad you let them make a mess...I'm sure they loved it!
Congratuations on your blog!
P.S. My lily is going to bloom its flower ANY DAY! I was so hoping it would do it on her actual birthday...but it's coming!

Kelly said...

I love this! Lily is lucky to be loved by so many! It's humbling and heartwarming as a new parent!! xoxo