Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Golfing, Giggles, and American Idol!

Look out Tiger comes Beckham leading the front nine. Look at that form, concentration, and above all-the bright blue crocs. He keeps his eyes on the ball and, "BOOM!" It cracks through the sky and flies...3 feet in front of him:)
"BOOM," is what Beck's says whenever he hits the ball or means to hit the ball. He is constantly running around the house with his club and saying, "gup ball." Needless to say, daddy is very happy about this!!!!! Peyton LOVES to go golfing too! She especially likes to put on her very own golf shoes and drive the golf cart!

Some of my happiest moments come from watching my two children play together. Seriously though, I could sit and watch them laugh, chase, tickle, talk, interact with each other ALL DAY LONG. I love that they enjoy each other so much. Sometimes I will be in the kitchen, and from the other room I will hear them belly laughing together. This can go on and on for a long time! At moments like this, I stop and silently say a prayer and thank God for my two happy and healthy kiddies.

Okay, I know my face looks smooshed in this picture, but I don't care because...My kids are fighting over gets to sit in my lap!!!!!! I LOVE THAT! My friend Jenn, who has two super sweet kids Jordan and Katie, told me that sometimes the two of them argue over who gets to sit on her lap. I mean these kids must really ADORE their mother if they are trying to win lap time with their mommy. They really do adore her, I mean what is not to love. Secretly, I remember thinking to myself, I really hope that my kids 'fight' for my lap one day. Well, I am happy to report that it has finally happened. Mind you, Jordan and Katie are older and I think that is even more impressive, but I'll take whatever I get. Poor Jeff looked on with an empty lap, but he knew how happy I was!!! I wish you all full laps tonight!

Last but not least, American Idol night(s) at the Darwish house is very exciting. We very much look forward to it, we let the kids stay up later to watch it, we make comments, we judge, we critique,...and YES, we vote! We love this family time and if you look closely at the picture, Peyton is sitting next to a mound, not a pile, but a mound of laundry that needs to be folded. Yes, I neglect the house on American Idol nights and I wouldn't have it any other way:):) GO David Archuleta!!


Kelle said...

So cute! Love Beck's hat backwards! And that he fits in a doll stroller! Um...sorry, but I'm rooting for Jason Castro.

Heidi said...

ha, i love him too!that somewhere over the rainbow rendition was amazing!