Wednesday, September 9, 2009

now booking holiday sessions in michigan

lots of people want pictures...which is good because i like taking pictures!
i have been receiving emails and calls about a possible holiday shoot in michigan when i am scheduled to be back in michigan in october, so i came up with a little bundle of holiday lovin'!
YES! we're goin' back...AGAIN! i can't stay away in the fall.
we are lucky that we have been able to book this fall trip home most years. simply, i want to visit the apple orchards, make huge leave piles, and drink warm apple cider!
and i had to add this photo from a tea party without honey this time. notice, peyton is so over it.
beckham, on the other hand, is all for it. even asking me for more snacks and some napkins.
i will miss this one day. i know that one day beckham will be way to cool for a tea party...i'm sure peyton will be too.
i just have to tell my future peyton and beckham's future cool selves
(because i do write this for them) that i love this.
i love that we have tea parties. a chance for me to pull out the hot pink with white polka-dotted table cloth once more (the same one we used for peyton's first birthday), search the pantry cupboard frantically for crumpets which, truth be told we never have because lord knows, i don't really know what they are so we suffice with graham crackers, goldfish, and grapes.
i love hearing the conversations between the two. they are sweet. so sweet. makes you want to cry sweet.
i love this time in my life.
thank you peyton and becks.
mama loves you so much.


April said...

i just checked back ... and a new picture? a tea party, to boot!! yay, i love tea parties. we had a big one to celebrate ella's 6th birthday a couple weeks back and it was perfect, so much fun!

i love that set, cute, cute, cute...

Anna Ruth said...

Good Luck! I know you are going to get lots of people.

Tammy B said...

OH! I just checked back too looking for a new post and saw the new pic! Very cute. Quinn loves a good tea party too. Madeleine and Quinn like to have about 4 spoons of sugar, with a little tea on top :) In that tiny little tea cup mind you.

The Manrings said...

oh congrats heidi on you photography...these families are lucky to have you capturing their precious moments. cant wait to see have an amazing talent! love the tea party pics and it makes me all choked up thinking about how hard it is to watch our babies grow up. had a blast helping you celebrate the other night. xo