Friday, September 4, 2009

honey bear, baby kate, and baby brother goes to school

it all started with a tea party. an innocent, playful, fun, and yummy thing we do from time to time when both peyton and beckham ask in their sweet, soft , and young voices, "mommy, can we have a tea party?!"


i said, "yes!" i knew i didn't have the time. i had photos, hundreds of them, in my que so to speak awaiting their turn in photoshop. my mind was trying to sort out the day, remembering at least 4 other things i had to get done.

"actually peyton, how about i set you up with a really cool tea party with real cookies and warm water AND honey! mommy, has lots of work to finish, but i will sit in here with you."

i had 'em at honey.

i set out the tray, the warm pot of water, a dish of goldfish and teddy grahams, a checker napkin that doubles as a tablecloth, and few plush babies and a dog for becks! just when i thought to myself that i was actually still a pretty cool mom and the kids must feel so lucky to have the tea-party-hook-up-mom...they asked for the honey bear. many promises to only have 3 teaspoons each and to keep it at the table...i sat down to work. guilt, a faint memory. after all, i let them have the honey bear.

looks innocent enough, right?

i knew what she was going to say the moment i looked at her guilt ridden face and ready to run at any moment postion. i'm sure my face turned 4 different hues of pale before finally settling on white as a ghost. it's not pretty, but i'm pretty sure i could have sold it to sherwin william's with the exact match.
i preceded to follow the trail. of. honey. throughout. my. in-laws. home.

...up the stairs
...down the long hall
...on my bed
...on two throw rugs
...on the glider...which i sat on to SOB when reality actually hit me at least 1-2 minutes after the intial shock of it all. yes, my butt cheeks were stuck together when a friend called, where i continued to sob while listening to her laugh and try to make me feel better.

i never raised my voice. i was defeated, betrayed, and a little dramtic...obviously. i only sent both kids to bed where i heard peyton crying because she didn't want me to be mad. later, when asked why she did it and between sobs, " well, me and beckham wanted to make a trail for you so you could follow it and find us mommy!" bless her little heart.

jeff's response to that, "couldn't you have used ripped paper?!"
kelle's resonse to that, "dude, haven't you read your kids hansel and frinken gretel? hello...breadcrumbs!!!!" still laughing at that one.

moving onto baby kate. beautiful miracle baby sent from above and into the lives of my friends tina and al. they waited a long time...she was worth the wait. she is perfect. she smells good. she's phenomenal.

she was my first newborn photoshoot. it was a wonderful learning experience, and although baby kate had a tummy ache, we managed to snap some angel baby photos...

tina...congratulations on your beautiful baby girl.
and the biggest news in our home this week...
baby brother beckham started pre-school. it went well the first day. he didn't even look up at us as he waved goodbye. peyton helped her little brother in the playground area. mama bear on the other hand was a COMPLETE mess. i cried...hard as i watched my little boy walk into his classroom...single file. what a big boy he is and we are so proud of him. he will go to school for six hours a week...not so much, but it seems like a lot to me.
his second day of school didn't go as well as the first, as i was told he cried for me for an hour. when jeff picked him up, his lip quivered and tears streaked his tear stained face. with eyes red from crying, he looked up at jeff and said, "daddy, you left me. you dropped me off. you didn't come and get me."
ripped. my. heart. out.
he said the same to me when he clung to me for dear life telling me he didn't want to go back. so, we will try two more times. if he still doesn't like it...he doesn't have to go back.
i'm kinda hoping he doesn't want to go.
with all that said, we sure did have fun getting him ready for school (back when he wanted to go). we laid out clothes, read books about pre-school, shopped for new clothes...
and a few things i feel grateful to have in my life...
this girl who makes me much.
how much beckham adores his gido!
the excitement i hear from peyton and becks over a simple game of dominos!
peyton's desire to cook, chop, create in the kitchen!!!
excited for the future...truly excited.
but later today i will toast my new year with a coctail and my family and friends.
i'm so fortunate. i'm sitting here typing late at night, watching entertainment tonight, and all is well. my family is sleeping soundly, safe from outside worries.
and...happy birthday to my look-a-like, heather!!!!
peyton and beckham miss you and reminded me today that you are coming to visit them soon!!!
no pressure...;0
we love you and hope you have the fabulous and fun day that you deserve!!!


Kelle said...

DIDE! You rocked it out hard! The newborn pictures are beautiful!! The cacoon shot needs to be framed big in her room! Such a fabulous gotta be proud, Baby!
And laughing at your happy birthday to your look a like. A humble way to refer to your twin because it's, um... Kinda your birthday too. Happy Birthday, my talented friend!!!

April said...

Heidi, did you have to do it ... write about your boy and preschool? Seriously, you have to check out my blog! My baby boy starts school on Tuesday (and I have knots in my stomach just thinking about it.) Ugh, it sucks!!

But, really, I like new posts, even if they hit a little too close to home :) I, too, love the cacoon shot!

And happy birthday to YOU...

Anna Ruth said...

OH! Can you believe school as started for our little ones. They are growing so fast.

amyc said...

Your photos are fantastic, Heidi! I mean really fantastic. I loved your honey story, I could just see the trail of honey and the blood leaving your face! Hope to see you soon!