Saturday, July 19, 2008

Auntie Hi-O is the BEST!!!

One of the many activities Peyton 'asks' of Heather to do...ball bouncing!
Looks fun!!!

After an hour, they took a break!

My sister is an AMAZING auntie to my children. For that, Peyton and Beckham ADORE her!!! She is the only person that Peyton has true control over. Meaning, if Peyton wants to strip down and run naked through the downtown streets of Detroit...Peyton would and COULD convince Heather to do it. LOL

I often laugh at Heather in my tough-love mommy voice that she, is in fact, Peyton's slave. When Heather walks through the door after a long and tiring day of work...Peyton shrieks with delight and immediately climbs onto Heather's back begging her to play some form of a chasing game, where Heather obliges for hours...leaving me in the dust... mommy who???

This weekend, Heather took Peyton for her first sleepover. They did make-overs, ate junk food, and stayed up until midnight! Peyton had a blast! Today, Heather took Peyton to Cedar amusment park in Ohio. After many pep talks about strangers, what to do, how to do it, a leash, yes, a leash for kids bought at Babies R Us-I feel confident that all is going well. Roller coasters seem to be Peyton's thing, so I am so happy for her. Missing her a little, but happy she is making memories with Auntie Hi-O!!!

Thank you, Heather for loving my little kiddies like your own little ones!!!


Rayna said...

What a fun auntie. Talk about a fun time Peyton will have, especially at Cedar Point. WOW!! She is really getting spoiled, and boy can see her running down Woodward Ave naked with Heather behind her. Miss you!

Kelly said...

Peyton is wrapped around her finger!! I love it!! What a good auntie who loves P&B like her own!!

jennygirl said...

It's great when our sisters love our kids like their own, isn't it?

What a gift. :)

Glad you are having a good time!!

Heather Polleti said...

....aww thank you for giving me so much credit. However, it is I who should be thanking you. I truly feel blessed to have my little niece and nephew in my life. I can't imagine not seeing their little beaming faces when I walk through the door. I'm the lucky one. I NEVER want you to leave again :(

Kelle said...

oh, that is so precious...and i love heather's comment. aunts are the best! it's a special bond, and usually, the one closest to our own personalities is our sister.

Kelly said...

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You can pay this ticket directly or show proof of your blogging skills by posting.

If you choose to fight this ticket, you will be asked to seek cousel to defend yourself in the court of law.

(hitting gavel) Adjourned.

Anonymous said...

Heather nice work what a outing and Heidi the lease is too funny please tell me it was the one that looks like a backpack ahah!!!