Saturday, January 16, 2010

new year. fresh beginnings. white canvas.

...however you say it, the start of a new year often brings with it promises to oneself and others that this is going to be a better year than the last. i am no different. i subscribe to that optimistic way of thinking. not because i want to erase the memories and experiences of the 2009. i don't. the last year has been a wonderful one, but i am excited for what '010 has in store for us and for what we will make happen as well!

with that said...more blogging, more photos, more games with my kids, more home cooked meals, cleaner windows, less dust, cluttered corners. more quality time with those around me. more oatmeal in the morning (less bagels:), more walks outside in this beautiful weather, more trips to the beach for sunset, read more smart books, read more fluff books.

organize and slow down. get things done, but live life and have fun.

sometimes life seems like one big contradiction, but i know it can be done while still being true to who we are or want to do. i am learning that we have to do what we need to do and it is possible.

it goes on. while writing this out doesn't guarantee these things to happen, it helps to remind me. it serves as some sort of encouragement to live a simpler life. yes, that's it!

the time i spend with my babies has been more and more meaningful to me as i see how big they are getting and it is a constant reminder to me to slow. down. listen more, work less, but still work to fulfill the other part of me that is trying work itself out of me-the creative part...balance people. BALANCE.

it's important. so very important and something i learned lots and lots about this past year with the new biz.

i think i'm going to add play dates in there too! cousin play dates...'cuz we miss the cousins. and more mommy time
and daddy time... apparently i want it all.;0 just like any other woman. that's because we women...rock. it. out.

speaking of women rocking it out...

this one does...

and while WE rocked out out little impromptu coffee play date with the kids into kelle's official unofficial pregnancy shoot, and even with
the harsh light...we did get some keepers!

it wasn't all play...

but it was all fun!!

kell's bells i love you and can't wait to meet that
little angel in a few short days!

becks and lainey play so well together and wanted to get in on the fun too!

and this little just getting so big. i can't believe how much older she looks and how much
more mature she acts. we feel so lucky to have this sensitive little one who cares about others...
who loves her brother and wants to make her daddy proud!

PROUD is what she made us a few days ago when she made her first visit to the dentist a major success!
yes, she was nervous after she asked me why i picked her up from school early.

"are you taking me to get a scone, mommy?"

deep breath. "no, honey. we need to go get your teeth the dentist."

panic. "no, mommy. please no."

this went on for the entire ride. the only thing that calmed her was the fact that her cousin sophie went in
to see the dentist alone (i'm pretty sure i didn't make that up) but it worked for peyton.

she did beautifully.

mary, the hygenist, is another woman who rocks it out. she was amazing with her! thanks, mary!

becks kept watch over her!

when peyton was done...guess who just had to have his teeth cleaned too...

love this boy so much and here is so loving his teeth...mary cleaned a couple teeth for him!

so, with of all of my proud parent phone calls to brag about how well she did, they wanted a treat.
so i took them to rot their teeth with...

i know. i know. it's a constant struggle, but hey, there is nothing wrong with the golden
arches from time to time. everything in moderation i guess!!!
(sidenote: they had ice cream sundaes following the fries) it was a fabulous
time and we had a blast!

next post...the naples botanical gardens!!!

it's brand spankin' new and something new in naples for the kids to do is always exciting to me.

for now, we have sunday to look forward to. something about a sunday that makes me want to huddle
up with the fam, make a real meal, just be. i love sundays. i hope you enjoy yours!



Domestic Diva said...

mmmm-mmmm, how i love me a new post!! it's a good one, too, heidi! the pictures of kelle are gorgeous. can't wait to see what 2010 brings for you ...

Domestic Diva said...

so my favorite pic of kelle is the second one you posted ... and the vintage-y one with lainey on the baby belly!

happy sunday to you ...

Heidi said...

april...this post was for you...i read your gentle reminder for a blog post! LOL!!!

JennyCB said...

So, how do I stalk your blog? I want to follow it but don't know how. (Great pix, btw. That's the little coffee shop by Tin City, right?)

Anna Ruth said...

Amazing pictures. The one of you and Beckom was so precious.

Creative Christine said...

Heidi I am so amazed at your work. If that is what you call it because it looks as though you truly enjoy, love, live it! Your pictures are amazing and your descriptions are priceless. I think you have found your calling!!
Love ya xoxo

Kelle said...

thank you, friend. what a fun time that was...and memories of a chilly day, sitting in that sunspot and our little lunch spontaneously evolving into a full-out vogue shoot with our sweet littles trailing behind us. we'll always remember that. xoxo

Tammy B said...

Can't wait to see what 2010 brings for you! I too love the shot with Lainey perched on the baby belly. Such good pictures. And that little Peyton, looking so grown up all of a sudden!

Kelly said...

Those dentist pictures are to die for! I love how much Becks looks up to Peyton and their connection together. Also love the one of Lainey perched just so like she's giving her sister a hug. Oh my sweet!