Monday, July 20, 2009

meyer family

(i know i have a certain group of ladies waiting anxiously for these...;)

happy birthday, tina!!!!!!

technology woes aside (i wish i was a computer geek...or married to one)...

i had the most fun last night doing a photo shoot for a beautiful and fun family who live on the most exquisite piece of land complete with a pumpkin patch, family grown garden, and rustic pink barn (it's a shed, but barn sounds lots cooler)!!!

we walked barefoot, skipped rocks, and hunter even caught a fish with the help of his daddy! i could eat savannah with a spoon and possibly move into their home too! it is so lush and green and with a quainr pond as a back drop, i have expected bambi and his mommy to walk out of the woods and head over for a drink.

i can not wait to return here in the fall...the leaves, the pumpkins, the pond OH MY!!!! it's too much for my camera to take in all at once. here is the sneak peek as promised-i have so many, i hope you like these few!

i know this is really light, but i heard the family liked this one the most, so here it is again!

thank you for inviting me to your BEAUTIFUL home and letting me practice away on your beautiful babies!!!


Kelle said...

Oh, smiling so big! These are so great! You ROCKED it out! What a loving family...and you captured it!

Anna Ruth said...

Watch out! We have another photographer in the making. Beautiful pictures!

Tammy B said...

Wow Heidi, these turned out great. My fave's. The picture of daddy with his baby, and the big brother and little sister.

carie said...

beautiful. just beautiful.

The Manrings said...

way to go heidi!!love that you are having so much fun up north and being with family and your pics turned out amazing. love the one of the family on the bridge with their feet in the water and the jeans and bare feet one is classic summer....awesome!! hi from us in naples. xo

Deena said...

These are wonderful Heidi! GREAT job!!!!

Kelly said...

Holly shivola these are incredible! You have quite the eyeball for your shoots! I bet the butterflies are LONG gone by now!! W2G!!!!