Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a little blog lovin'...

dear blog,

oh, how i've missed you. without ram nothing worked...tons of pictures sat on your hard drive just waiting to be showcased, shared with friends and family. stories and tidbits of our life have begged to be blogged, so i promise to give you love more often...because i love this blog...the place i call home in the great big world wide web!!!!


anywho, computer is fixed...healed. back from the black hole it was in for a couple of weeks-thank the good lord in heaven above. i feel like a new person!!! we are all backed up, pictures stored safely on an external drive. so we are back and feelin' safe and secure for a while longer:)

i could blog about any number of things tonight, but i will start with beckham's latest accomplishment...

can you guess?
i wish i could show you how proud his face is when he gets that bike moving!!! it is precious. he such a big boy now. we are so proud of his sweet, sweet heart. i really can not believe that this little boy is for real...with all of his sweet gestures and love he gives to all of us everyday! we are so very proud of him!!!
so much more to write to but off to see good friends and laugh the night away, maybe watch a little
american idol finale...GO Kris!!!!!


amyc said...

Yeah! Glad you are up and running. i have not done squat with my blog in months. School is our in a week so I will hopefully catch up then.

Kelle said...

Dear Heidi's Blog,

I too have missed the posts and find it refreshing to have you up and running again. The new lense and camera will, no doubt, add vibrance and wonder to your screen. Speaking of vibrance and wonder, the new pictures you are sporting are absolutely delicious.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Anna Ruth said...

So glad you wrote on your blog. Those pictures are great of the bike. I can tell by the pictures how proud he was.